What is TechEureka?

TechEureka is a non-profitable organization started by passionate geeks and coding enthusiasts to help students and professionals and increase their interest in learning Java, C programming, programming paradigms and other technologies.

Is TechEureka only a website?

We have started our journey few months ago of providing best and efficient tutorials on programming and technologies. For now we are providing tutorials via this website but soon we will have an Android application to make learning easy.

What kind of tutorials you provide?

We are providing tutorials on programming languages C, Java and Python, soon we will cover more technologies and subjects. To suggest some technologies or subjects you can mail us at support@techeureka.org.

How long it takes to learn a new technology?

It depends on your dedication and commitment towards learning the technology or programming. However, on an average It takes around 2-3 months to get proficiency in any technology. And we knows that "Practice makes a man perfect".

Do we need to pay to learn from techeureka?

No, It's completely free to learn from TechEureka, you don't need to pay to use any resources from TechEureka.

How can we Contribute?

We don't take contribution in form of money. We heartly welcome you to contribute by writing articles, blogs or make tutorials efficient.

Do you pay for writing Articles?

Yes, we respect your work and pay for your contribution.

I have seen TEO written at some places, what is it?

TEO is a actually an alias for TechEureka.org by programming geeks.

How can we ask any queries from TechEureka experts?

You can mail your queries at support@techeureka.org related to programming doubts or other informations, We will reply you with best solution in 3-5 days.

How can we contact you?

Feel free to write us at support@techeureka.org for any information or queries.